Threat Hunting – Ken Dunham

Learn how to hunt threats  related to indicators of compromise: IP, domain, file hash, and moniker.  Definitions, examples, and tactics along with automated API scripts are included with the class and the first hour of instruction.  The second hour of class is reserved for students to use their own laptop to perform threat hunting exercises in small groups to practice what you have learned.  When you’re done you’ll have a solid understanding of how to analytically approach threat hunting, the cognitive pivot points, and tactics that will help you be successful in your work environment.


Poisonous Pi — A Raspberry Pi Hacking Platform Workshop | Beginner-Intermediate Level

Cost:  Preregistration by April 03, 2018 $175

Late Registration by May 02, 2018 $195

Day of Conference $220

By The Ms. GreyHat Organization on 01 March 2018 (

The Raspberry Pi Hacking Platform Workshop is a beginner-intermediate level hardware and software workshop where-from participants will build, assemble, load, install, configure, and test a very compact network penetration test platform with DIY capabilities for internet of things(IOT), scheduled tasks, and remote discovery abilities.  Each paid attendee will receive a full hardware package including the Raspberry Pi3, touchscreen monitor, compact keyboard, SD card, and all necessary accessories for a functional computer (a full inventory will be provided).

The four-hour course will be broken down into one-hour modules so that attendees can customize their experience based on their comfort and exposure to these topics.  Most of the tedious downloads will be downloaded and preinstalled to maximize their hands-on experience while still providing a good introduction, history, and exposure for balancing individual customization.  The modules will include a full install of the Kali toolset as well as usage of some of the available tools, scripting and automating scheduled tasks, and interfacing with real world hardware through GPIOs.  Physical tasks such as case assembly and soldering will be required, but assistance will be available so that every participant is supported. We look forward to supporting a whole class of information security professionals, hackers, makers, DIYers.

Participants will receive approximately $110 worth of hardware with an Amazon inventory if they wish to repurchase items.  Presentation materials will be available for download to participants for future reference and scripted API’s. Attendees are not required to bring anything, but we encourage individual laptop support for any extra and advanced configuration they may desire. This workshop is about techniques and exposure and will not comprehensively provide prebuilt preconfigured preassembled hardware, this will be very hands-on and some solutions will be fluid.