Steven Bay

Steven Bay is the Director of Threat Intelligence at Security On-Demand, where he leads a team providing threat intelligence and hunting services. With over 15 years in cybersecurity, his career has spanned government, enterprise and consulting services. For a majority of his career, he served as an Analyst supporting the NSA via the US Air Force and Booz Allen Hamilton. While at Booz Allen, he served as Edward Snowden’s boss just prior to Snowden’s flight from the United States. Following his time supporting the agency, he designed and implemented information security programs for Fortune-500 companies and served as a CISO. He holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and an MA in international relations from Webster University.

Snowden: The Ultimate Insider Threat

Edward Snowden is the poster child of the insider threat. In this presentation you will hear the inside story of the Snowden’s last few months at NSA from his former boss, Steve Bay. We will discuss the profile of an insider threat, lessons I learned from my Snowden experience, and strategies for minimizing your risk and protecting yourself from such threats.