Chelle Clements has been associated with computer science and cyber security for over 20 years. She has an AAS in Environmental Science from Northern Virginia Community College, and a BS and an MS in Information Systems Management from University of San Francisco. She is an Army Veteran, one of the first women in the Corps of Engineers (she has some great stories!). She spent 30-years at Lawrence Livermore Nat’l Lab as a researcher in three different fields (chemistry, physics and computer science) and also as a community outreach volunteer. She currently supports several Veteran causes with pro bono web development (such as East Bay Stand Down) and until recently served on Livermore, CA city’s art commission.
What are the five things we wish users would stop doing? 
These are the top five things that users continue to do, despite admonition not to. Why are these things a problem, why do we think users keep doing them and what can we do to help users either not do them or mitigate the risks of these behaviors. This is designed to not only present what we have found but also collect feedback from participants to collect ideas and suggestions.