Ryan Taylor – Instructor

Ryan Taylor – Instructor


Ryan Taylor, Instructor

Ryan has worked in the Information Technology field for over 18 years in varied positions.  He worked 10 years in the local government IT space dedicated to 911 technologies and has worked in and managed several teams in large and small corporate America. He has been a part of the High Tech Criminal Investigation Association and other service organizations. He first began dabbling in Digital Forensics in 2005 and has been a student of it ever since.

Digital Forensics 101

Capturing forensically sound images from a storage device (HDD; SD; Thumb drive) using current technologies without breaking the bank.

We will be installing mostly freeware and I’ll be showing the class how to capture an image using the software from the thumb drive included with the class.  Methodologies, pitfalls to avoid and things to consider.

If there is time we will also do a short demo of capturing forensically sound files over a network.