Troy Hale – Instructor

Troy Hale – Instructor

Troy Hale

Troy Hale, Instructor

Troy Hale is currently a Nampa, Idaho Police Detective who is the sole digital forensic investigator for the agency.  He has over 20 years of law enforcement experience and is a former investigator of the Idaho Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

He began working in digital forensic recovery of cell phones and mobile devices in 2009. In 2016 he became a certified computer forensic examiner as well.   He is an Idaho Police Academy certified instructor and teaches within his own agency to newly hired Police Officers. Due to his training and experience he is considered an expert in court on the topic. He brings with him a lot of practical knowledge in mobile device forensics and the technology behind it.

Basic Mobile Device Forensics

Det. Troy Hale Nampa Police Dept. General Information

A 4-hour introduction to digital forensics on mobile devices from collection, to extraction and analysis – including call detail records and tower data review and the important role each play.

When it comes to learning and understanding the importance of dissecting mobile device data, it is essential to know what’s available to you and how the information can be used. Whether it’s simply just

reviewing the data on the device itself or conducting a complete forensic extraction in preparation for court, HR decisions, recovering lost data, etc. each step of the way could make or break the outcome.

This training will cover to following topics:

  • Seizure of the device
  • Isolation from the network
  • Device OS and the differences in them
  • Interface for extraction
  • Data storage
  • Types of extractions
  • Analysis of the data and tools used
  • Network providers and the differences in them
  • Call Detail Records (CDR’s) what can we get?
  • Tower information and what it tells us
  • Mapping overview