Updated January 18, 2019

Please join Boise ISSA for our 17th annual conference Tuesday April 16, 2019! We are at a new venue this year, the new Boise Centre East.  We’ve consolidated sessions to start later and end earlier, with lunch provided for participants to maximize your time in networking and professional growth.  We’ll finish up early enough in the day, with a keynote, so that you can enjoy networking with the keynote and others and have a drink during the social hour.

If you’re interested in hands on classes we are willing to host those the day (Monday April 15th, 2019) before as long as the class is affordable ($200 or less) and brief (no more than 4 hours long) – contact us for more information at president[@]boiseissa.org (brackets are not in the actual email address).

Our primary keynote speaker is Michael Daugherty, former CEO of LabMD and the man behind the book “The Devil Inside the Beltway”.  His case will impact regulatory oversight and have notable ripple effects in who watches the watchers in cybersecurity, medical, and other fields in the USA.  Boise ISSA members will receive a free copy of his book and others can receive it at a Boise ISSA conference discounted rate.